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Version 1.0x

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Version 1.0b

  • Added a "configure" button on the main window of the program so that configuration options can be changed via the capture screen when a capture is about to take place.
  • Added a "Capture Image" option to the menu invoked by the system tray.

Version 1.0a

  • For Star and Polygon shapes, the area surrounding them are now automatically reduced to form a much smaller area. This reduces the "filler" area around the shape significantly.
  • Updated help file to reflect the correct system tray icon and to make a note about numeric keys for hot keys only working off the main keyboard.
  • Bug Fix: Borders around shapes were not being handled correctly. Configuring a shape to not have a border did not work.
  • Bug Fix: The Star Shape Border selection was not retained from run to run. It would always default back to being checked.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.


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