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Version 1.1x

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Version 1.1a

  • Added new Detailed printing option.
  • Added additional scaling options (125%, 150%, 175%, etc.).
  • Added option to print with a margin.
  • Added option to print an image centered on the page.
  • Added option to print using Device Dependant bitmaps.
  • Print at pixel size and 100% now print the same size.
  • Added logic during the capture to fix inverted images, fix title bar color problems and allow capture of AVI files.
  • The Capture Express action window is now displayed centered on desktop. This fixes a bug where the action window was off the screen on lower resolutions.
  • Fixed divide by 0 error that occured when Capture Express tried to capture a window when there were no active windows.
  • Fixed divide by 0 error that occured when the mouse was double clicked during the image capture.
  • Pressing the ESC key now acts the same as clicking the Abort button.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed a bug where the Print Full Page option didn't work on most non-postscript printers.
  • Added option to print image at 100% to 900% of original image size.
  • Updated Advertising software.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 1.0x

Revision history for current version
    Current version