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Version 1.3

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Version 1.3

  • Changed the EMail File Attachment section of the configuration panel to add Default Format option.
  • When emailing an image, Capture Express now uses the default format configuration option to determine what format to send. Typing a new file extension still changes the format.
  • Fixed a bug in Save as JPEG where if the user entered .jpg as part of the filename, the filename would have two extensions (filename.jpg.JPG).
  • Created a new installer. a) Smaller dialog boxes, b) Choice to run Capture Express at the end of the install, c) Uninstall link in Start Menu, d) What's New link in Start Menu, e) Choice for Start Menu folder, f) If Run on Windows Startup is No, then the link in Startup is deleted, g) The old help file, capexp.hlp, is deleted if it exists, h) Added a What's New shortcut.
  • Improved scaling of dialogs when large and extra large fonts are selected.
  • The Configuration dialog box is no longer resizeable.
  • The help file has been updated with new contact information, a new Quick Start section and several other corrections.
  • The help file has been changed to an HTML Help format.
  • Main window now comes up screen centered instead of desktop centered. This fixes a bug where the main Capture Express window gets lost on computers with multiple monitors.
  • Increased the size of the configuration form to allow it to work better on Windows XP.
  • The view image dialog is now sized just larger than the image itself.
  • Fixed a bug where printing multiple copies printed twice as many copies as requested.

Revision history for previous versions
    version 1.1x
    version 1.0x

Revision history for current version
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